About TweedleYums

You’re curious about TweedleYums? Then here are some things you might find interesting if you’re bored:

  1. Love new experiences especially when they revolve around food or entertainment. 
  2. Did a stint at culinary school. Took cooking and baking course. Wish I’d just done baking. Butchering and  sausage making was not a strong point.
  3. My first word as a baby was “chocolate”. I.Kid.You.Not.

Side Note: You will not see bad ‘reviews’ on this blog unless like, someone spat in my food and cursed me. Other than I have way too much respect for the chefs, cooks and fast food workers out there constantly serving people and being yelled at to hurry up perfection. So no sniveling, snide comment here. If the food doesn’t float my boat, I just wont rave. You’ll know the difference.

Purpose of this blog: Enjoying a good meal can make even the worst day get brighter. So every time I eat something that crosses that line from affecting my taste buds to affecting my mood, I’m going to tell you about it. Hope it helps. And if you are any kind of cool at all, you will give me suggestions for places to eat as well. It’s called paying it forward, friend.

So….are we cool?


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