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Street Food: It’s here, people.

Food trucks, food carts, street vendors; why are they a thing y’all? The trendy version of street food (that’s the one we’ll be talking about today, not roadkill) really started on the West Coast. The constant good weather and the laid back people were probably the perfect climate for this food movement. But why did it take NY by storm? New York where the most brutal restaurant goers and food writers can take an eatery down in days and your competition is probably eating at your place right now, studying your menu. Well, here’s my theory.

Although we do like the occasional breath of fresh air, the biggest reason is probably that we don’t like to wait. As shiny as that celebrity chef’s new restaurant is, I’m hungry NOW, and don’t always want to wait for the tabel to be set. Sometimes restaurants are out of the question, and yet the idea of going to McDonalds again makes you puke sad. What to do? Food trucks are first come, first serve and sometimes quite gourmet. No reservations, no favoritism, no waiter talking on his cell phone while you wave like a fool.

The second reason (only second by a little) is that street food is cool. These days, many of these mobile eateries have a cult following, a pop following, or a zagat rating. New Yorkers love to be on the cutting edge of everything. Let’s face it what’s more indie than yummy nomadic food establishments that can only be found by loyal followers and savvy gourmands? So let’s get with it guys! Every chance I get I will write the best trucks or carts into my ‘Been There’ section for you. If you have any favorites you’d like to share then please let me know about them. I can’t wait to hear from you. In the meantime my twitter feed will tell the locations of the best trucks daily. Because I care about your taste buds, that’s why.

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Studio Square

If you ever find yourself in the Queens area and are tempted to cross a bridge or tunnel for a nice beer and burger, save your tool money and head over to Studio Square. A great outdoor Oktoberfest inspired beer garden that has everything you would expect from a borough of greater foodie fare. Ambiance, check; extensive beer selection, check; neighborhood feel, check; flat screens to watch your Yankees on (though you may be surrounded by Mets fans) check. They’ve also made some impressive additions to their grill menu, worth checking out.

There are two large bars to accommodate the insane spring and summer crowd. A necessity, since it was voted TimeOut New York’s best spring bar and one of Zagat’s top newcomers.You should have no trouble choosing a drink among the European and American beers on tap and inviting house specialties. My mainstays were the sangria and Blue Moon Belgian White. As far as food goes there is an impressive grill menu that includes slow cooked chilli, crunchy topped mac n cheese, bacon wrapped wieners with caramelized onions, emmenthaler swiss and honey mustard, certified black angus burgers and cherry wheat battered flounder. They go above and beyond ‘bar food’ here.

If you really search the nooks and crannies of this venue, you will find some private spaces that provide a rest from the crowd, for the more introverted foodies among us. If you’re one of those people who likes to be in the thick of things, barrel tables line the upper level bar, which seemed to accommodate card games very well. Down in the cobblestone courtyard you can sit among long, handcrafted picnic tables or huge square fire pit tables, which kind of put me into a food, beer, fire trance. Fun times. Whether you want people watching, big game watching, or cozy quiet time with good food, friends and beer, I suggest you visit Studio Square.

 Side note: You may also want to check their website for the many special events they hold.

35-33 36th St. Long Island City, NY 11106


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