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Chocolate Days: THE Show

Have you been to the chocolate show? No, that’s not my version of the ‘gun show’ line (although…). If you haven’t been yet, I’m going to have to ask you to reexamine your life because you have been deprived of a really fun experience. Unless you hate chocolate, in which case I’m going to have to ask you to leave.  

All joking aside, The Chocolate Show is a real treat that comes around to NYC once a year. It is the biggest event in the US dedicated solely to the appreciation of chocolate. I have been twice in the past three years. The first year I went it was at pier 94. There was a food and alcohol show being held simultaneously and you could pay to get into one or both of the shows. I stayed on the chocolate side because I didn’t care to be distracted from my first love. The next year (‘09) it was held at the beautiful Metropolitan Pavilion. This venue gave the show more of a cozy boutique feel. It will be held there again this year. What to expect?

 There are chocolate companies ranging from the French artisanal to mainstream like Dove; all exhibiting, giving lots of samples and selling some of the yummiest chocolates ever. There is also usually a fun chocolate fountain for dipping and plenty of professional demonstrations from some big names like Jacque Torres. Another nice touch is the Rums of Puerto Rico table and dessert wine table that show you how to pair choc and booze. Verrry nice touch.  I hear there will also be book signings this year and if a show is what you’re looking for, they hold a chocolate fashion show the night before to kick things off. So to recap: aisles and aisles of free samples from fine chocolate shops around the world, chocolate demonstrations from pros, alcohol and the dreamy smell of cocoa in the air.

Need I say more? Oh yes, only that the next show will be held November 10th through 14th 2011 at The Metropolitan Pavilion.  Don’t worry I will definitely remind you as it gets closer. If you’ve been to the show and you love it or hated it write back. Also if you know of any food related shows in the NY area that I have been deprived of, you need to let me know…seriously. Thanks.

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